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Marc Moran’s ‘Just for Laughs’ Keynote Address

Here is Marc Maron’s hilarious, painful, and heart-breakingly honest keynote address to the Just for Laughs 2011 comedy conference in Montreal. I tried to find an excerpt to give the flavor of the thing, but finally decided it had to … Continue reading

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Barefoot in the White House

David Frum, you know, the reasonable conservative, posted the picture below with this commentary: The Obamas should fire the press aide who released this picture. I’m sure the Obamas are not the first First Family to go barefoot in the … Continue reading

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Not sure about the origin of this laughical image, but I first saw it here. Nothing I ever drew in a high school textbook was remotely this funny. Once I wrote “Motz* is a dick” in the margin of my … Continue reading

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LCD Soundsystem’s ‘All My Friends’ in Lego

Sorry for the lack of activity around here the last week – blame the horrible Wifi of Best Western in Medina, OH. Anything more graphically intense than the Google homepage led to endless timeouts. I have seen enough of the … Continue reading

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The Netflix Rate Increase

Over at Claire Zulkey’s blog, guest blogger Steve Delahoyde has a thing or two to say about the Netflix price increase. First and foremost, shut up and stop whining, because here’s the thing: you are complaining about dumbest thing imaginable, … Continue reading

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Test Subject Needed for Time Machine

From Craigslist, this: TEST SUBJECT NEEDED FOR TIME MACHINE I have successfully built a working time machine and need a human test subject that is willing to be the first person to ever travel back in time. Due to the … Continue reading

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Inventor of the Wheel of Fortune is D – E- __ – D. (Hint: buy a vowel)

Not a bad run. Ed Flesh, an art director for dozens of TV game shows like Wheel of Fortune, The $25,000 Pyramid, Jeopardy! and Name That Tune, died July 15 at Providence Holy Cross Medical Center in Mission Hills, Calif. … Continue reading

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