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All the Republican Ladies


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Don’t Ask President Obama About Weed or Drones or His Secret Beer Recipe; Otherwise AMA Away!

Did you catch President Barack Obama’s AMA over at Reddit earlier today? (For non-Redditors, AMA = ask me anything). UPDATE: Hey everybody – this is barack. Just finished a great rally in Charlottesville, and am looking forward to your questions. … Continue reading

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New Kay & Peele

Update: another. “Have you ever seen 50,00 people rally around someone they didn’t like? It’s like going to a Star Wars convention where the guest of honor is Jar Jar Binks!”

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Homophobe Actually Completely Correct About the Gay Agenda

The new animated flick ParaNorman is a’bunching some Wingnut panties due to its ostensibly gay subtext. Nancy French, who is perhaps best known for co-writing Bristol Palin’s book, highlights ParaNorman‘s offending scene: Norman’s sister has a crush on a kid … Continue reading

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Adventures in Fatherhood

Earlier tonight, we went out to dinner for my daughter’s fourteenth birthday. As is the family tradition, she chose the restaurant. The place she chose has great Belgian fries, and this is the main reason she chose it, as she … Continue reading

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Aimee Mann’s Charmer

Tom Scharpling directed the new Aimee Mann video and as an official FOT I am obligated to post it. It stars John Hodgman and Laura Linney.

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The Female Body Has Ways of Shutting That Thing Down


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