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James Webb on that Russell Brand nonsense: “Read some fucking Orwell”

James Webb of That Mitchell and Webb Look and Peep Show wrote a great response to that Russell Brand interview that was all the rage on Facebook for about 17 seconds last week. What were the chances, in the course … Continue reading

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Best Costume: Plastic Army Men

Redditor BritishRacingGreen posted these pictures of his Halloween costume. More here.

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Lou Reed and the Columbia House Record and Tape Club

When I was fourteen, a momentous event occurred: my sister joined the Columbia House Record and Tape Club, a notorious rip-off outfit that promised twelve records for a dollar and then proved harder to leave than the Cosa Nostra. The … Continue reading

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SNL did a Wes Anderson parody with Edward Norton

This one hits all the right notes and everything but just didn’t do it for me for some reason. But perhaps you’ll like it, dear reader.

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Christian Hell House teaches evils of alcohol, curiously silent on sloth and gluttony

“We’re having this party and you really should come. We’re having alcohol and it’s gonna be amazing!” This is not going to end well. From the Living Waters Assemblies of God Church in Alabama. There are some who might criticize … Continue reading

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Extreme Amazing Super Chess

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HELL NO: the sensible horror film

What would happen if characters in horror movies started using common sense? Nothing. Nothing would happen. From Joe Nicolosi, who also made the hilarious Matrix Retold by Mom.

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