The time Larry David met Richard Yates and then later it became an episode of Seinfeld

Remember that Seinfeld episode called “The Jacket”? Jerry gets a new suede jacket that he can’t get wet and Elaine invites him to meet her father, the terrifying Lawrence Tierney (of Reservoir Dogs fame)? Well, it turns out it was based on a real incident. When Larry David was dating Monica Yates, she invited him out for an evening with her father, the novelist Richard Yates (Revolutionary Road). It did not go well.

Read all about it at The Awl.

This probably will diminish my literary cred with y’all, but I could not make it through Revolutionary Road. It was beautifully written but after getting about 2/3 of the way through I realized that if I had to spend one more second with those two twits I was going to jump off a bridge.

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