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Gina Davis Archery Tricks

Posted because I have an enduring crush on Ms. Davis. Geena Davis Archery Tricks from Geena Davis

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I like this version better than the original

There are no nerds quite like LEGO nerds.

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Beasties’ ‘Sabotage’ remade with librarians

From Mike Ferbrache and Duane Freeman of Chicago’s The Mike and Duane Show. Around here we love librarians, crime-fightin’, and the Beasties, so this one is win win win. Dig the scene with Story Time, the Techie, Late Fee, Dewey, … Continue reading

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Key & Peele Season 3 trailer

It’s like a bread of fresh air.

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Severus Snape vs. The Ramones

Here’s the trailer for the new movie about CBGBs. I don’t know, trying to keep an open mind about this one, but it looks dubious. I might need to break out the cruciatus curse for this one. I never saw … Continue reading

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The Devil Came Up to Boston

In which old school clogging defeats the Great Deceiver. From the Adam Ezra Group.

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