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Peter Weyland’s Ted Talk

He’s a great new bit of viral marketing for Ridley Scott’s new Prometheus project. It’s a TED Talk from 2023 by Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce), founder of Weyland Corporation. For those of you who are not Alien geeks, Weyland-Yutani is … Continue reading

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Oscar Snubs

The days when I saw enough current release films to offer any kind of informed opinion on what was snubbed and what was overrated are long gone (not coincidentally, my oldest turned 16 this month), so I offer the following … Continue reading

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These Are a Few of Mitt’s Favorite Things

A TPM slideshow: Things Mitt Romney Loves. (One thing not on the list: the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.)

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Movie: The Movie

Can’t remember a year in which I was less interested in the Oscars, but this somehow kisses it and makes it all better.

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The Granite Head State

Am I the only one who is utterly gobsmacked that we are having a “contraception debate”? What year is it again? I’m 48, and the debate on all this was settled long before I ever found it necessary to wrap … Continue reading

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Jimmy Fallon channels his inner Eddie

Jimmy Fallon doing Eddie Vedder. Can’t seem to embed. Damn you, WordPress.

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And That Was Good Advice

Over at Althouse, Ann links to this Dear Prudence letter in which a husband worries about his wife attending a conference with a work colleague who is male. To which one of Althouse’s eminently reasonable commenters gives the following advice: … Continue reading

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