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Alternate Titles for Sarah Palin’s Book

After four months of no-doubt feverish scribbling, Sarah Palin’s book is scheduled to drop (perhaps an unfortunate word choice in this case) on November 17. It will be called “Going Rogue: An American Life.” We wondered what were some of … Continue reading

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Mr. Wentwrth

How to overcome the educational system’s well known liberal bias? Mr. Wentworth is here to tell you.

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All the internet kids are talking about Worst of the Worst, Rotten Tomatoes’ list of the 100 worst reviewed movies of the last ten years. I’ve seen five of them, which is a shockingly low number considering how many wretched … Continue reading

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The Tone Matrix

An incredibly easy to use and addicting audio tool. Check it out. This is just one component of the Hobnox Audiotool. More information here. Unleash your inner Gary Numan! It’s strange how tools like this have divorced the ability to … Continue reading

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To Put It Conservatively

Tim F and the Balloon Juicers are encountering difficulties with some of the definitions for the dictionary they’re busily compiling: The BJ lexicon should take common usage into account, but that doesn’t work here. With respect to common usage liberal … Continue reading

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Kids Sing Changes

I’m usually indifferent to the ‘kids sing rock and roll’ thing, but this is an especially sweet rendition. And probably more appropriate than covering this one.

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The Fonzi of Freedom Pulls a Hoekstroika

The intrepid writers and readers of Balloon Juice have collectively channeled their inner Noah Websters to compile the instantly indispensable Balloon Juice lexicon. It is especially helpful in mapping the outer reaches of the Wingnutosphere. If you are not yet … Continue reading

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This is Just How I Felt When They Cancelled CHiPs

Dude, I can relate.

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Dan Brown is Trolling the Onion A/V Club Comments Board

After a predictably bad review of the new Dan Brown novel, The Lost Symbol (“For The Lost Symbol, Brown has crafted yet another variation on this formula, right down to an odd-looking assassin (in this case, heavily tattooed), as though … Continue reading

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Beat Snack Boredom

Behold COMBO, a collaborative animation from Blu and David Ellis. And here is Muto, a previous work by Blu. PS: the title of this post is an admittedly strained reference to the old ad jingle for Combos, which were touted … Continue reading

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