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Alien vs. Predator Save Christmas

From Ben Joseph over at McSweeney’s comes excerpts from his rejected script Alien vs. Predator Save Christmas (AVPSC). Here’s an excerpt from the excerpt. EXT. NIGHT THE CANDY CANE FOREST (A red glow shines in the near distance. SANTA approaches … Continue reading

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Least Likely Christmas Specials

The idea for this post was lifted from writer John Scalzi’s great blog Whatever. Last year he published his list of Ten Least Successful Holiday Specials of All Time. My favorites are “Ayn Rand’s A Selfish Christmas,” “A Canadian Christmas … Continue reading

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Least Likely Musical Biopics

Saw the new biopic Control, which tells the story of Ian Curtis, singer of the British band Joy Division (see my review here). It got the Kamper mulling over what other bands of that era may be deserving of a … Continue reading

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Happy Valley Hoedown with Joy Division

The Kamper ventured out into a veritable Winter wonderland Wednesday night to attend a showing of Control, the new biopic of Ian Curtis. For those junior kampers out there who may not be up to speed on their post-punk iconography, … Continue reading

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Beyond Satire, Part II

Granted, deriving bemusement from Star Wars fans pushes one perilously close to shooting-fish-in-a-barrel territory, comedy-wise, but the Kamper could not resist submitting this video for the latest installment of Beyond Satire. It’s from those mad wags at Boing Boing. Does … Continue reading

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Doping Scandal Rocks Ultimate Frisbee — Report Alleges Use of Performance-Mellowing Drugs

On a day when Major League Baseball was responding to the Mitchell report on steroid usage, which alleges “a serious drug culture within baseball, from the bottom to the top,” the normally copacetic world of Ultimate was dealing with its … Continue reading

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Beyond Satire

Today’s entry in the Beyond Satire category comes to us courtesy of those hardscrabble, working class guys and gals at Vassar. PS: Tuition at Vassar = $46,140 per year. (Hey, that includes room and board!)

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CIA Admits It Destroyed Entire Third Season of ‘Saved by the Bell’

Democratic Response: “Now They’ve Gone Too Far” Already responding to recent revelations that the CIA destroyed the videotaped interrogations of high level terrorist suspects, CIA director Michael Hayden dropped a fresh bombshell Sunday on NBC’s Meet the Press when he … Continue reading

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I’m No Proust Scholar, But “In Search of Lost Time” is Nothing But a Lame Retread of “Remembrances of Things Past”

Now I’m no fancy pants literary scholar, just an average working stiff who has dedicated himself to reading his way through the classics of Western literature. But I’ve got two eyes and a brain behind ’em, and I know when … Continue reading

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My Cellulite Problem — And Ours

Like Jennifer Love Hewitt, I’ve sat in silence long enough. Jennifer was prompted to speak out this week on her blog when supposedly unflattering pictures of her showed up on the internet. You can see the pictures in question here. … Continue reading

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