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The Perfect Distillation of the Fox News Mindset

Check out this interview from Fox News in which Lauren Green interviews author and historian Reza Aslan about his new book, Zealot. Given that Aslan is a Muslim and the book is about the historical life of Jesus, you can … Continue reading

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Girl Most Likely

Two movies in two days?! This trip to Provincetown is off the proverbial hook! Next thing you know we’ll be getting ice cream after ten and staying out til close to midnight. And another winner. After last night’s outing, tonight … Continue reading

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The Way Way Back

My special special lady and I are up in Provincetown for a few days and we caught The Way Way Back on the spur of the moment because that’s how we roll when we are on our own and sans … Continue reading

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It’s Always Projection

Like I said.

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How German Sounds

Personally, I think German sounds lovely, but this is still pretty funny.

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About that Rolling Stone cover

Here is Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi on the cover controversy: I can understand why this might upset some people. But the jarringly non-threatening image of Tsarnaev is exactly the point of the whole story. If any of those who are … Continue reading

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Salvador Dali cappuccino

Kazuki Yamammoto at Cafe10g in Osaka, Japan creates elaborate cappuccino art. Salvador Dali: Giraffe: Barack Obama: Many many more at this gallery. Really amazing work. All photos: Kazuki Yamammoto.

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