Girl Most Likely

Two movies in two days?! This trip to Provincetown is off the proverbial hook! Next thing you know we’ll be getting ice cream after ten and staying out til close to midnight.

And another winner. After last night’s outing, tonight the Mrs. and I caught Kristen Wiig in Girl Most Likely and geez was it great! Did not know anything about this one but damn that Ms. Wiig is fuhnny and you just might get a little lump in your throat if you are of the writer persuasion or if you have ever had sex with another person. It’s always good to see foxy Annette Bening, and Matt Dillon was on hand to do his reliable Matt Dillon thang. New guy Chris Fitzgerald killed it as Kristen’s socially awkward brother and Darren Criss is eye-candy for the ladies and the bi-curious guys — what I’m saying here is that everybody was fine fine fine and the movie made us laugh and laugh and then hold hands on the way out as we walked home through Provincetown’s eerily deserted streets.

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