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The Flowers of Bromance

Looks like James O’Keefe’s “Screw CNN in 2010” Pleasure Cruise was a felony too far for his sugar daddy, Big Government’s Andrew Breitbart. Earlier today Breitbart took to Twitter to disavow the Randy Dandy and threatening to sue anyone who … Continue reading

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What Not to Wear, DUI Edition

Lone Driver Stopped For DUI: It Wasn’t Me. Looks like you just earned yourself a place on Failblog, pal.

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Is Carly Fiorina a ‘Mama Grizzly’? (Hint: Not a chance)

From the Economist: My sense is that the mama-grizzly phenomenon is part of populist conservatism’s obsession with American authenticity. Ms Fiorina’s education, executive experience, and vast wealth places her among the elite of the elite of America’s elite elite. But … Continue reading

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The Love Boat from Hell

Wow, this takes creepy to a whole new level. A conservative activist known for making undercover videos plotted to embarrass a CNN correspondent by recording a meeting on hidden cameras aboard a floating “palace of pleasure” and making sexually suggestive … Continue reading

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Who Will Be Our Next Rock Icon?

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10PM to Almost All Night

Passive Aggressive Notes has a hilarious welcome letter for some Boston College students moving into their new house. It’s probably a sign of my age and general disposition, but I now identify much more with the letter writer than the … Continue reading

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Taibbi’s at it again

“A hall full of elderly white people in Medicare-paid scooters, railing against government spending and imagining themselves revolutionaries as they cheer on the vice-presidential puppet hand-picked by the GOP establishment. If there exists a better snapshot of everything the Tea … Continue reading

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