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Werner Herzog Making Sequel to ‘Bad Lieutenant’ (Huh?)

Not to go all K├╝bler-Ross on y’alls, but below is rough recreation of the stages I went through last night when I came across this post. Fact: Werner Herzog has a new movie coming out. Me: Yaaay!! Fact: It’s a … Continue reading

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Where to Start with David Foster Wallace

Over at the The Onion A/V Club, Andy Battaglia has a primer for readers who may want to delve into the work of David Foster Wallace but don’t know where to start. It’s a good list, and he starts right … Continue reading

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Paper Towels

From the brokers (bro + jokers – j) over at Magic Hugs.

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Pimpin’ Unicorn, Meet Racist Unicorn

And let me introduce both of you to Rambo Unicorn. Holy Taco comes through with a gallery of 30 Awesomely Bad Unicorn Tattoos. [Props=Sullivan]

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Marriage: It’s Much Too Onerous for Teh Gay

Every once in a while an opinion piece comes along that sends the “Is This Satire?” needle so far into the red that the whole darn Irony Detector needs to be cleaned, oiled, and completely recalibrated. Such is the case … Continue reading

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Caught Me Some Spinal Tap

My Special Lady and I caught the Spinal Tap Unwigged & Unplugged reunion tour last weekend in Boston (holla out to all y’all phreaks in Wilbur Theater Balcony Row D — y’all know who you are!!). Technically it wasn’t a … Continue reading

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Dick versus the Asteroid

How deeply unpopular is Dick Cheney? So deeply unpopular that mustachiod wingnuts called upon to defend his speech are reduced to imagining doomsday scenarios out of action movies to create a situation where his deeply serious skillset finally gets the … Continue reading

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