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Monster Universal

Did you know that nearly all cultures feature some variation of the vampire myth? Did you know that the notion of flesh-eating zombies dates back to one of humanity’s earliest written texts? Or that werewolves are even older, dating back … Continue reading

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Our Favorite Halloween Candy? Snickers. Little Demonic Snickers.

Earlier this week, a blogger at Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network hopped aboard the Crazy Train and rode that iron horse all the way to Bakersfield. In the post (since removed but lovingly preserved for posterity here), a writer named … Continue reading

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Jigsaw on Hold

Jigsaw, the exceptionally well organized serial killer from the Saw series, discusses his pending order with customer service. “No, no, you don’t understand, that’s not going to work. You guys promised me this order would be ready . . . … Continue reading

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The Happy Valley View

Here’s another clip from the Happy Valley News Hour, from summer 2007. This is Alexander Dreier’s commentary, the Happy Valley View. In this segment, Alexander takes on the endless renovations to the Route 9 bridge. I know all valley residents … Continue reading

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And the Golden Teabag Goes to . . .

From the land beyond parody comes news that Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) and 75 other House Republicans have introduced a resolution “expressing gratitude and appreciation to the individuals and families who participated in the Taxpayer March on Washington on September … Continue reading

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‘Blonde Rehab Wig’ Meet ‘Green Guy’

Edith Zimmerman tracks down the 15 funniest knockoff (read: copyright-infringing) Halloween costumes. See the “Boxing Promoter” and “Eurasion Traveler” below. Other favorites are the “Green Guy” (not to be confused with the Jolly Green Giant), “Blond Rehab Wig,” and the … Continue reading

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Where You Least Expect Him

Okay, it’s yesterday’s news as we’ve all moved on to the next manufactured pseudo-event, but some of these Balloon Boy Photoshops are pretty funny.

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