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Beyond Satire, Part IV

Now this: The latest contribution to good government from Vice President Dick Cheney: preventing the implementation of rules to protect the endangered right whale. Whales? Really? The guy’s got it in for whales? This comes from a letter House sleuth … Continue reading

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America’s Preschools Address Smiley Face Inflation

Grade inflation at America’s colleges and universities has been a hot-button issue for at least the last two decades, but in more recent years the problem has spread to America’s preschools as well. According to a recent study, the amount … Continue reading

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This Mustard Doesn’t Taste Stone-Ground to Me

I am not a man prone to over-reaction, nor the type to ejaculate baseless and inflammatory accusations, but this mustard does not taste stone ground to me. Where, I ask you, is the coarse texture, the bits of mustard seed, … Continue reading

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This is Not a Glass of Water

The Kamper can remain silent no longer. The scene: downtown Amherst, MA. I was walking down Main Street to the post office. It was a sunny afternoon and the college students were out in force. A college kid was approaching … Continue reading

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Brush Levels in Crawford Becoming Critical

With President Bush currently preoccupied with Iraq, the housing crisis, a recessionary economy, food shortages, record high crude oil prices, the falling value of the dollar against foreign currencies, and an ever-expanding federal budget deficit, another looming crisis has gone … Continue reading

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Gilligan’s Heist

From the fellers & smellers over at comes this tale of a fateful trip. Props to Sweetmojo for the link.

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Dumb Thick Dim-Witted Doltish Boneheaded

Perhaps you’ve made some stupid moves in your life — invested your retirement savings in Webvan, pissed off Vladimir Putin, paid cash money to see a movie by Roland Emmerich — but no matter the Mariana-Trench-depths of your own stupidity … Continue reading

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