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Glory Glory Howleluia

Let’s hope that all dogs really do go to heaven. [Props=Videogum]

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Jane Austin Fight Club

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The Ten Most Confusing Movies of all Time

Pajiba has a list of the ten most confusing movies of all time. ‘Confusing’ is a bit of a pejorative term, though. For some of these, I’d prefer just complicated. The issue is whether the complexity yields returns upon further … Continue reading

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The best unintentionally hilarious opening line of any column ever

“A millimeter. A centimeter. An inch. They are all measures of distance. Even the smallest of them measures some distance.” The culprit? Erick Erickson at RedState. [Props=Sadly, No!]

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What’s Icelandic for excessive post-goal celebration?

One suspects that if they worked as hard at their footballing as they did at their post-goal celebrations, they’d be ranked higher than 79, but jolly good fun nonetheless.

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Study like a scholar, scholar

Background here.

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Some are born to battle dance, others have battle dance thrust upon them

Saw the trailer for Step Up 3D at the theater tonight. Here are my favorite lines, every one of which I have said at least once in my life: “Everything you need to know is in my dancing.” “Being a … Continue reading

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