The Ten Most Confusing Movies of all Time

Pajiba has a list of the ten most confusing movies of all time. ‘Confusing’ is a bit of a pejorative term, though. For some of these, I’d prefer just complicated. The issue is whether the complexity yields returns upon further viewings (Primer and symbol for Pi) or whether it’s just so much jumble covering nothing very much (I’m looking at you, David Lynch entries). It’s been a while since I saw Videodrome, but I don’t remember that being especially confusing. Haven’t seen Synechdoche, New York yet.

Not on the list: Time Crimes — complicated but worth unraveling.

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4 Responses to The Ten Most Confusing Movies of all Time

  1. pt dismal says:

    isn’t Inland Empire even more confusing than Mulholland Drive? i couldn’t follow IE from the get-go and gave up 20 minutes into it…

    a few people have told me that Synecdoche NY rewards repeated viewings but i doubt it. i’m not gonna watch charlie kaufman wank off twice.

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  3. John Hansen says:

    You dirty bastard you have ruined so many good premises for movies every single movie i have been so pumped for and then you just ruin in with your filthy stinky dirty shit! honestly my autistic cousin is smarter than you, you inbred prick!!! Stop ruining every fucking movie!!!
    You coast off of two good movies you made long ago, then believe that you can take any good movie you want and completely turn it into a clusterfuck of optic horror. You trick me into watching the torturous cinema of the village, persuade me into sitting through the outrageously idiotic story of the lady in the water, then ruin the long awaited triology of the adored avatar series. How do you look yourself in the mirror everyday knowing that you have lied and stolen from people’s lives? Maybe you will make another shitty movie in explaining to why your such a disgusting fuck, then hopefully you’ll put one of your poorly thought out twists where you end up killing yourself. Get the fuck out M night shamafucker!!!!!

  4. pt dismal says:

    john, check your meds, i think your dosage is a little light.

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