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Begging My Pardon

Reports are that President Bush is being flooded with requests for presidential pardons, so if you have committed any serious offenses over the last eight years and are a major Republican campaign donor, you’d better get your request into the … Continue reading

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Journey: At the Center of the Earth

One preposition can make all the difference. [Props=FilmDrunk]

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Rickrolling Rickrolled

When even that bastion of cutting edge entertainment, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, has latched onto your internet tradition, it’s time to give it up. It has passed its expiration date, it has eaten its own tail, it has, once … Continue reading

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The Mystery Deepens

According to Sarah Palin, she had no idea that that guy was slaughtering turkeys behind her while she talked to the nice TV man. So the question becomes, who is this mystery turkey guy, and how did he get there? … Continue reading

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See What I Get for Sticking Up for Her?!

Ye Olde Kamper is an iconoclast, a rebel, a Unitarian (in spirit, if not practice). So earlier this week I boldly stood up for Alaska’s favorite clothes horse when she was on the receiving end of liberal ire for conducting … Continue reading

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Didn’t Realize She was Speaking in Haiku

What’s the difference Between a hockey mom and A pit bull? Lipstick Sarah Palin as a beat poet? This changes everything. [Props=Sullivan]

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How Big is the Bailout?

Including Paulson’s new heart-encrusted love note to my favorite credit card company, Citi, the current cost of the bailout is $4.62 trillion. How much cash is that? Well, take this short quiz. Take a guess which of the following major … Continue reading

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