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Silent H, Deadly H – Episode 3

Here is Episode 3 of Silent H, Deadly H, a new comic soap opera from my sketch comedy troupe, Side of Toast. Previous episodes are here: Episode 1 Episode 2 More info here.

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John Hodgeman Book Promo Features Cameos by Every Funny Person Ever

Tom Scharpling gets all Wes Andersony in this promo for John Hodgeman’s new book, That is All.

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The Worst Halloween Costumes of all Time

Retrocrush has a collection of some of the lamest Halloween costumes of all time, you remember the ones where the body is just a plastic garbage bag imprinted with the characters from some TV show and the mask is a … Continue reading

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Ride the Cain Train!

It is somehow a fitting tribute to the deeply weird campaign of Herman Cain that the parody ad below (made by Tim & Eric’s Tim Heidecker) is only slightly creepier than the real thing (the real thing being the kind … Continue reading

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A Rick Perry Quote for the Ages

Courtesy of Charles Pierce at The Politics Blog: Rick Perry, who is becoming the Baryshnikov of stepping on his own dick, has managed to produce a flat-tax plan that is just as guaranteed as the Forbes plan to set in … Continue reading

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Bootstrapping, etc.

Everyone is talking about this letter, which has been making the rounds on the Facebook: Buster Blonde at Persephone Magazine already has thoroughly debunked the shaky economics of this letter, while various commenters point out the absurdity of someone who … Continue reading

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Lament of the Family Tech Support Guy

What is life like for that beleaguered creature known as Family Tech Support Guy? Know Your Meme collects the evidence.

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