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Some Thoughts on Joss Whedon’s ‘The Cabin in the Woods’

The Cabin in the Woods is not a horror movie. The Cabin in the Woods is every horror movie. Q: How much did I like The Cabin in the Woods? A: I liked it Firefly+1 Not sure if I have … Continue reading

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One Woman’s Harrowing Experience as an Eco-Diva

Is ‘Prepare for battle!’ the single funniest Amazon product comment of all time? You be the judge but the answer is yes. A woman, the suspiciously named ‘Ben Dover‘, decides to try the DivaCup Model 2, which is one of … Continue reading

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And Here’s Why Spelling is so Important

People who don’t know how to spell cologne. [Props=B3ta]

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Shark Song

What if Jaws had been a Disney movie? It might have gone something . . . like . . . THIS!

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Hot Problems

Could this be the new Three Second Rule? All signs point to yes.

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Just Say No to Unplanned Pregnancies!

Is this ad “real”? Is anything “real” anymore? The entire world has become one gigantic meta-snake swallowing its own meta-tail forever.

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All of the Slapstick, None of that Pesky Evolution

World Net Daily, more commonly known as Wingnut Daily (Chuck Norris is a regular columnists) has these words of reassurance for parents who would like to take their kids to the new movie The Pirates! Band of Misfits but are … Continue reading

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