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“Wash Teeth If Any” — Woody Guthrie’s New Year’s Rulin’s from 1943

Here is a list of Woody Guthrie’s new year’s resolutions from January 1, 1943. It’s a sound list for any year. 33. Wake Up And Fight 32. Make Up Your Mind 31. Love Everybody 30. Love pete 29. Love Papa … Continue reading

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“Possibly the second-worst thing to happen to Japan so far this century . . .

. . . “47 Ronin” is at once both a miserable movie and an extraordinary monument to how miserable the movie industry can be.” Whoa, reviewers are going to have a hard time topping David Ehrlich at on this … Continue reading

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I can think of another word that begins with a capital C

I’ll give you a pass on the xenophobia and historical revisionism, but can you at least rhyme?

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Middlebrow Megachurch Infotainment

Benjamin H. Bratton on TED talks: Let me tell you a story. I was at a presentation that a friend, an Astrophysicist, gave to a potential donor. I thought the presentation was lucid and compelling (and I’m a Professor of … Continue reading

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What Christmas movie are you watching?

From Mandatory

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This is one of those stories where . . .

. . . you sit in the car long after you’ve arrived at your destination, listening because you can’t turn off the radio. The astounding and tragic story of Fritz Haber, who had a hand in both feeding and murdering … Continue reading

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Cell Phone Crashing at the Airport

From Mediocre Films:

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