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It’s Always Projection

After Ross Douthat’s panty-bunching the other day about gay marriage (specifically that the mean gays are going to turn good ole American heterosexuals into the equivalent of white southern racists), along comes another textbook example of the endless self-pity and … Continue reading

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When 99% just aint enough

Thanks to Charles Pierce for calling our attention to Ross Douthat’s latest column, which offers a near perfect distillation of the inexhaustible persecution complex that drives right wing thinking. Douthat, responding to the DOMA decision, worries that, now that teh … Continue reading

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A woman on Reddit asks for advice after realizing that her boyfriend doesn’t know that he’s circumcised. I’ve been seeing this really nice guy for a while and we are very open about everything. We were lying in bed a … Continue reading

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Here’s the setlist for Wilco’s all request set of cover songs

Wilco’s first night at the Solid Sound festival was an all-request set of cover songs. Hosted by John Hodgeman. This was one of the funnest shows I’ve ever seen. UPDATED with links to Wilco’s versions as they become available. Update … Continue reading

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Solid Sound or bust

The entire kamper clan is donning our hemp garments, hopping in the microbus, and heading up to Mass Moca in lovely North Adams, MA for Wilco’s Solid Sound festival, an entire weekend of groovy vibes, mellow sounds, and righteous art. … Continue reading

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Amy Schumer’s Make-a-Wish

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Ministry has turned into Spinal Tap

Is there anything in this leather-clad world that could possibly kick more rock and roll ass than the cover of the new Ministry album? Only one thing, and that’s the album title: From Beer to Eternity. This looks like what … Continue reading

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Joke Stealing, Heckling, and Rape Jokes

Patton Oswalt has a long but essential post on the above topics, well worth reading whatever your particular creative calling. But what I can hopefully stop – or, at least, change for the better – is the public (and media’s) … Continue reading

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Clown Panties

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