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You Know What’s Communist? Sharing a Bike

Wow, I’ve read a lot of dumb stuff in my day but this screed from Charles Hurt in the Moonie Times about how bikeshare programs are communist truly is the dumbest thing I have ever read. Either that or it’s … Continue reading

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Venice Beach Treasure Chest Prank

This is what happens when you take a fake treasure chest, fill it with chocolate gold coins, bury it at Venice Beach in the middle of the night, and then dig it up the next day when the beach is … Continue reading

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The Rightful King of the Realm

B3ta asked readers to submit their best stories about sex toys. Cumquat may had the best one: “My missus asked me to buy her a vibrator, and always wanting to encourage any interest in sex, I agreed. I went to … Continue reading

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This is Not Acceptable

I was searching “types of salads” on teh Google just now (don’t ask) and came across this entry on Wikipedia’s List of Salads: Name: Snickers salad Origin: United States Type: Candy salad Description: A mix of Snickers bars, Granny Smith … Continue reading

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Toilet Water of the Gods

A group of Catholics in India was convinced that the water dripping from a local crucifix was a miracle and that the water held magical healing powers. When confronted with proof that the water in fact originated from a leaking … Continue reading

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‘Gamer’ Reflexes & Other Dumb Arguments

Someone asked Reddit what is the dumbest thing that anyone ever tried to argue with you about. Here are a few of my favorites: – Antarctica is not a real place – The meat we eat is not muscle. It’s … Continue reading

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Boxing Lessons with Eric Kelly

Having taken boxing lessons from a retired boxer who was not much gentler than Mr. Kelly, this video has a special poignancy for me. Especially love the ironic hipster dude wearing his 1972 NBA Eastern Conference Finals shorts. Never underestimate … Continue reading

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