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The Ultimate Pep Talk

[Props=The Daily What]

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Container Payback, Belgian-style

Hilarious prank on a Belgian phone company.

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Colbert on Taco Bell’s Beef-Adjacent Burrito

Here’s Stephen Colbert’s take on Taco Bell’s Beefy Crunch Burrito we mentioned here. video – Taco Bell’s meat mixture doesn’t satisfy the USDA’s minimum requirements to be called beef. Gordita Supreme Court, posted with vodpod

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This Seems Like a Fun Way to Laze Away the Afternoon

Albania: the land where the old adage about ‘what goes up must come down’ does not apply. [Props=Videogum]

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The Laughiest Bits of Laughing Laughter, Compiled

Good One – A Movie Laughter Supercut – watch more funny videos

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Two Foods, One Box, or Dreams Do Come True

From the comments: “I hear that if you send in 10 proof-of-purchases you get a free “I Give Up on Life!” t-shirt.” [Props=Boing Boing]

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This is a Real Thing

The Beefy Crunch Burrito from Taco Bell. It is a beef burrito with Fritos corn chips stuffed inside (you know, for the ‘crunch’). Oh, and it uses ‘reduced fat sour cream,’ for the health conscious. Kudos to America’s processed food/feed … Continue reading

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