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Born for Action

At least watch through the part where he pops out of the water, fires an arrow, and pops back down again. [Props=B3ta]

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If History Had Facebook Status Updates

[Props=Cool Material via B3ta]

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Visitor from the future

Do not click on this cartoon. Don’t do it. This one right here. Don’t look at me; I TOLD you not to do it. [Props=B3ta]

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The Fragrance of the Flowers in the Dustbin

If you’ve ever longed to smell like Sid Vicious, here’s your chance. _____________________________________________________ Update: From a review at a fragrance blog, CaFleureBon: “Mme. Bijaoui chooses to open The Sex Pistols with a strong ambrette which imparts an almost enclosed space … Continue reading

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The Singing Mayoral Candidate

Call it the Kenny Syndrome, so called for Kenny ‘K-Strass’ Strasser, the world’s worst yo-yo master, but I just can’t tell what’s real anymore. Have we entered some mad, meta world where everything is done with a knowing wink and … Continue reading

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Alpha Centaurians Protest Crowning of ‘Miss Universe’

Alpha Centauri, Centaurus — The Most High Lord Mungus, Regent of Greater Groknar, has registered a sternly worded complaint with the United Nations, the Miss Universe Organization, and Donald Trump protesting yesterday’s naming of Miss Universe. Jimena Navarrete, Miss Mexico, … Continue reading

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I could tell you but I’d have to kill you


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