Contra Dance Ends in Do-Si-Do Tragedy

A contra dance at the American Legion hall in Granby on Saturday night ended in tragedy when a new couple did a do-si-do instead of a promenade, causing injuries to several neighbors. It was the worst dance-related mishap in the town since the Great Swing Dance Disaster of aught two. Dudley Duke Hill, the evening’s caller, told Happy Valley News, “Ayuh, this particular gent was having a devil of a time all evening. Couldn’t seem to circle left or right, didn’t know an allemande from a gypsy, and was forever taking his lady down the hall ‘stead of up the hall.” According to witnesses, during the last dance of the evening, Lady Walpole’s Reel, the man became visibly flustered during the cast off and went into a panicked do-si-do, causing complete contra mayhem. Sources indicate that the man moved to New England from Los Angeles only recently, in 1980.

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