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The Man with a Paper Asshole

Here’s Kurt Vonnegut’s advice to a new teacher at the Iowa Writer’s Workshop, circa 1967. Priceless. I miss this man. And sometimes I miss typewriters. [Props: Reddit]

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Your Flashmob Ist Kaput

Watch this German professor crush an attempt at a flashmob in his lecture hall. Can we treat all flashmobs like this from now on forever?

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Key & Peele: Magician Cop

Reminds me a bit of this. And this. And this. But the real question is, where does twinkly stand on this one?

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One of the Great Mysteries

One of the names being run up the flagpole for the recently vacated position of Savior of the Republican party is Florida’s junior senator Marco Rubio. Here he is in Esquire twisting himself into a creationist pretzel to avoid offending … Continue reading

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Write Like You’re Dancing Like No One is Watching

L.E. Henderson over at Passionate Reason has some insightful comments on writers and writing and the messed up messages that those demons in our heads hurl about like monkey feces. On a particularly painful writing day, on the verge of … Continue reading

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Taibbi’s ‘Write Like Friedman’ Contest

Veteran Friedman-hater Matt Taibbi challenged his readers to rewrite Thomas Friedman’s latest column on Syria. His readers did not disappoint. In order to salvage Syria, which is and isn’t falling apart, we need to follow and not follow the path … Continue reading

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Wes Anderson’s Star Wars Audition Tape

I wanted this to be funnier but in matters of comedy I am not all-powerful.

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