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Happy Valley Hoedown with The Black Angels

Time for another edition of the Happy Hoedown! I’ve been listening obsessively to Austin’s The Black Angels ever since Pandora had the good sense to slip one of their tunes into regular rotation on my station. Thanks Pandora Radio Robot … Continue reading

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Magazine Mayhem

From the cutups at Something Awful comes a sampler of the wonderful new magazines that are populating our newsstands these days. Geez, the industry sure is becoming niche-oriented. See more here. Part Two is here. Source: Canned Macabre at Something … Continue reading

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Dude Who Slept Two Nights in Car Can Really Identify with ‘Into the Wild’

After a hastily planned roadtrip forced him to sleep two nights in his car, John Gowans, a UMASS sophomore, feels he can really identify with the new film, “Into the Wild.” The 2007 movie, directed by Sean Penn and based … Continue reading

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Book Club is Edifying

We here at HVNH are, of course, big fans of the lovely ladies over at Variety Shac. So mosey on over and check out their stuff. Their shorts are here. No, not those shorts. These shorts. Here’s one of my … Continue reading

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Americans R Reading Less 4 Pleasure, Report Sez

According to this new report from some government group called the NEA (Nationally Endowed Americans), Americans like u and me are reading less and less and less these days. In the report they say it like this is a big … Continue reading

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Rudy Declares War on Whole Numbers 2 through 8

Is me, or does it start to reach some sort of mad rhythm about halfway through? For the record, the guys at TPM report that each usage is unique — no repeats.

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11 Not-So-Harsh Interrogation Tactics

From William Tracy at 23/6, the new satirical news site from the Huffington Post, come 11 not-so-harsh interrogation tactics for use in Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantanamo, and any number of secret CIA prisoner sites. My favorites: 1. Replace regular showerheads with … Continue reading

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