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Prance away those pounds!

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The Origins of Hetrosexuality

How did this man-on-woman thing ever get off the ground? John McKeever of BirdText solves a perpetual evolutionary riddle. [Props=Gawker]

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Mashup of 77 dance scenes set to the Safety Dance. This put me on a short, nostalgic tour of the eighties. And I was always partial to this one, which is about the murder of John Lennon.

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The Worst Films for Sale at Cannes, 2013

Every year, 20 of the world’s best new movies compete at the Cannes Film Festival for the Palme d’Or. But there is another festival held in Cannes at the same time, the Marché du Film, which is one of the … Continue reading

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Key & Peele are back

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Eez terrible: the eight worst sentences in Dan Brown’s “Inferno”

Tom Chivers at The Telegraph rounds them up. They’re all great, but the last one, which is actually a passage rather than a single sentence, rises to new heights. This is Danikova, an East European, leaving the most expositional voicemail … Continue reading

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Wes Anderson’s ‘Point Break’

BleedingCool images what the Point Break remake might look like if done by Wes Anderson, David Lynch, and Tommy Wiseau. But who the hell is Joe Swanberg and why is he included in this elite coterie? [checks teh google] Okay, … Continue reading

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Clumsy, ungrammatical, repetitive and repetitive: renowned author Dan Brown wrote a new book

Michael Deacon in The Telegraph wrote a review of renowned author Dan Brown’s new book in the style of renowned author Dan Brown: The 190lb adult male human being nodded his head to indicate satisfaction and returned to his bedroom … Continue reading

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Tig Notaro reminds us to remain in the moment

Love this clip of Tig Notaro (who has the most punk rock name of any comic) on Conan.

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Kids shooting kids

Charles Pierce on the latest entirely preventable gun tragedy, in which a five year old shot and killed a two year old with a rifle bought for him by his parents: It is not in any way “normal” to hand … Continue reading

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