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“. . . but they were two things that I thought were very important in my life—the ice cream and the Creature”

Guillermo del Toro talking to the Onion A/V Club about his early love for the Creature from the Black Lagoon. Still, to this day, I think it’s the perfect creature suit. In the history of film, there are two perfect … Continue reading

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Wake me up before you go go

This one hits close to home. Redditor imdrunkn posted this picture of his roommate’s increasingly drunken pleas to make sure he is woken up for class, including a forward-thinking reminder to “Look down, wind may have blown notes away.” My … Continue reading

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“Most of what is celebrated as “country” these days is simply bad rock and roll played by people who look like they flunked the audition for a Night Ranger tribute band.”

Charles Pierce on the Country Music Awards. These were on when I was at the gym last night and the aw-shucks, jes-folks bullshit was so deep I was grateful to be on a treadmill. Anyway, not one person on stage … Continue reading

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What’s love got to do with it?

Over at Collectors Weekly, Hunter Oatman-Stanford offers a tonic for those craven types who continually extol the virtues of “traditional marriage” without having the foggiest idea of what they’re actually referring to. Though the murky concept known as “love” has … Continue reading

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Don’t call it ‘random’

Charles Pierce was at LAX when the shooting occurred and had this to say about the coverage: There already is some talk about this event being a “random” one. But it is not. These things are becoming as regular as … Continue reading

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Animations of classic paintings . . .

from The Elegant Gentleman’s Guide to Knife Fighting, an Australian sketch show. These answer the question of what you get if you cross Terry Gilliam with ASDF. If you don’t care for the first several, keep going; they get much … Continue reading

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