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I’m Sure This Device Works Just Fine

Physical fitness is something of a passion around here, and it is in that light that we present the following video. You know, as a public service.

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Take Down

Ezra Klein takes down Megan McArdle’s take down of national health insurance. Megan’s argument against national health insurance boils down to a visceral hatred of the government. Which is fine. Megan is a libertarian. That’s, like, her journey, man. But … Continue reading

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Gateway to GBV

Guided by Voices was one of the most prolific bands around during its 21 year run (they officially broke up on 2004), so finding the right entry point into the band’s lengthy discography can be a daunting task to the … Continue reading

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Deep Thought

Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Give a man a Filet-O-Fish, feed him deliciously for a day.

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Remembering Woodstock (Woodstock ’99, that is)

Who can ever forget Woodstock 1999, held ten years ago this week on a Superfund site in Rome, New York? Mountains of plastic bottles? Rivers of human waste? Raging bonfires? Fred Durst? What’s not to love? I put together the … Continue reading

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Strunk & White & Palin

The intrepid editors of Vanity Fair take their red pencil machetes to the primeval jungle that is Sarah Palin’s resignation speech and actually manage to clearcut it into something approaching coherence. Remember, people, these are professional wordsmiths. Don’t try this … Continue reading

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Pulp Story

Unreality has collected ten cool Pixar mashups. The best one is this mashup of Pulp Fiction and Toy Story. The rest are here. The I Am Legend/WALL-E combo is another good one.

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Getting ‘Better’

My good friend Erin, fetching proprietress of the Erin O’Brien Owner’s Manual for Human Beings and the hardest working writer I know, gets some long overdue national exposure with an article in the Los Angeles Times. It’s a deeply personal … Continue reading

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Love Letter Ultimate Smackdown: Sanford versus Foley

Bill Maher compares and contrasts the love letters of Governor Mark Sanford with those of Congressman Mark Foley.

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Quirrell Caught Monologuing

Harry Potter week continues here at HVNH with another video highlighting the dangers of monologuing amongst our super-villians. This time it’s Professor Quirrell who is under the monologuing microscope. From Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

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