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Where Those Town Hall Protesters Really Come From

Happy Valley News has the exclusive story on the true origins of the town hall protesters.

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Death Panels are Real . . .

. . . and Funny or Die has the proof.

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The Road to Bootydom; OR, The Conscience of a Horndog

It was sure to be another towering classic of conservative thought. Talking Points Memo has managed to track down the proofs for Viking’s Spring 2010 catalog, which include a glowing write-up for a new book by then rising Republican star … Continue reading

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Avatar or Delgo: You Decide

Avatar, James Cameron’s super-terrific, 3-D, CG, state-of-the-art, 300 million dollar sci-fi extravaganza, is one of the most highly anticipated movies of the year. How highly anticipated? On Monday, fans crashed the movie’s official website as they frantically sought tickets for … Continue reading

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Looks Like Sarah is Back at the Keyboard

Last week there was idle speculation that Sarah Palin perhaps was not penning her own Facebook updates when she published a note that was distinctly un-Sarah-like in tone, which is to say that it was well-written, cogent, and did not … Continue reading

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Someone is Baking for the Town Hall Meeting

see more Fail Blog [Props=the Mighty Failblog]

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This Country Has Lost its Mind

After appearing on Think Progress and Huffpo today, the first video below is getting a lot of play today, but I wanted to post it again, first, because it is so jaw-droppingly sad and depressing that it deserves to be … Continue reading

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