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Good Guy Kepler

Regarding yesterday’s post about conservatives’ skepticism of science, this: [Props=Quickmeme]

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Here is a new study showing that conservatives are . . .

. . . skeptical about science. In fact, self-identified conservatives become more suspicious of science the more educated they become. In the paper, [Gordon] Gauchat calls this a “key finding,” in part because it challenges “the deficit model, which predicts … Continue reading

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Mike, His Mom, and That Stupid Guitar

The video below is making the rounds. It’s a 17-year-old kid named Mike who is practicing guitar in his room when his mother stops in to give him some valuable life advice (valuable if your goal in life is becoming … Continue reading

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Within One Week This Will Be Zimmerman’s Defense

Remember that you read it here first. And the always indispensable Charles Pierce reminds us that this case Is Not About Race because It Is Never About Race. The wagons are circling and the mainstream media are settling into their … Continue reading

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Join the Party!


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Tenacious D is back

New album, new tour (though no dates in New England), new outlook. And it looks like some new weight as well.

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Is Heritage Unit the new Double Rainbow?

Dude gets excited about trains. More power to him, I say. Some context: trainandhawksfan17 is a foamer, aka a trainspotter, a railfan, a gricer — in other words, a person who likes to watch trains. And kudos to him for … Continue reading

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