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Young Billy Joel

This made me laugh, though it’s not actually “funny.” It starts off strong, mixing a sort of Dickensian childhood with the temptations of the free-wheeling seventies, but then it goes completely off the rails. Maybe I like it because it … Continue reading

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The Southern Necessity

In Slate, Mark O’Connell has a must-read piece on Amanda McKittrick Ros, a 19th century writer whom he suggests was the worst novelist of all time. One thing that is clear about Ros’ prose is its aversion to calling a … Continue reading

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In the wake of their electoral defeat, conservatives have grown contemplative and self-reflective . . .

I’m just fucking with you — these dunderheads are as batshit crazy as ever. The gist of Cruz’s pitch was a “darkest before the dawn” argument—that the horror of Barack Obama would give rise to a second coming. “These are … Continue reading

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Bonobo: Cirrus

Here is Bonobo’s new video, Cirrus. Animation by Cyriak, whose distinctive work I know but didn’t know I knew until I visited his website.

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‘Moonrise Kingdom’ animated fan film

A couple of students used Flash to make this short fan film featuring highlights from Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom. [Props=A/V Club]

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Middle Earth PSAs

Dorkly has those Middle Earth PSAs you’ve been looking for.

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Tour de France Champion

This is one of those ‘funny because it’s true’ situations. Tour de France Champion with Horatio Sanz from Horatio Sanz _____________________________________ You know how far down the list you got to go to find a cyclist who wasn’t doping? In … Continue reading

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