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I’d Vote for Him

[Props=the Friends of Tom forum]

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If the Internet Disappeared Today

Cracked brings you 20 terrifying visions of the future – if the Internet disappeared today. Here is the funniest one. The rest are here.

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Fantastic Mr. Fox – Best Movie of 2009?

Gabe at Videogum floats a trial balloon arguing just that. For my part, I’d put it in the top ten, but then this was a good year for movies, so THE best would be a stretch. I will say that … Continue reading

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And to Think that Christopher Hitchens Once Called Him an Herbivore

One of the details in a new book by Ralph Reed’s former spokewoman, Lisa Baron, is that she, um, well, there’s no easy way to say this, but she, um . . . Inevitably, when people hear Baron worked for … Continue reading

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‘This Was a Bad and Unhelpful Book’

You know that things are not going well for Sarah Palin’s book Going Rogue when a self-professed fan (though now a weary one, he admits) begins his review with the above quote. Add to the ignominy the fact that the … Continue reading

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Give Me Dat Christian Side Hug

Since their earliest days, rap and hip-hop have been used to deliver hard-hitting, socially conscious messages to the kids in a beat-friendly way. Today we have the chance to present two raps that hit the kids with some hard-core Truth … Continue reading

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‘We’re No Longer an Exceptional Country’

This vid is everywhere but these Sarah Palin fans being interviewed at a Columbus, Ohio bookstore make me proud to be a former Buckeye.

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