The Pitch Meeting for ‘The Lone Ranger’

Haven’t seen this bloated corpse but this was still funny as hell.

JERRY BRUCKHEIMER: Good guesses, but no. It’s staring you right in the face! Think about it: what beloved character from American fiction have people been CLAMORING to see a movie about?
DISNEY EXEC. #1: The Lone Ranger!
DISNEY EXEC. #2: Of course! It’s obvious!
DISNEY EXEC. #3: Why, just last week my great-grandmother mentioned how she’d like to see a Lone Ranger movie, as long as it’s a talkie and doesn’t have any “ethnic types.”
DISNEY EXEC. #1: I can hardly walk down the street without some 90-year-old man urging me to make more films based on characters from 1930s radio.

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