Barefoot in the White House

David Frum, you know, the reasonable conservative, posted the picture below with this commentary:

The Obamas should fire the press aide who released this picture.

I’m sure the Obamas are not the first First Family to go barefoot in the White House. Or to scatter plastic cups on the furniture and rugs. Or to eat junk food from the plastic platters. On the White House ottomans. But they’re the first to put the evidence on the record. Why?

To which, whaaaaaaa? Also, junk food? Looks like some sort of bean salad. Also, I see one cup. Also, the rug? Also, fuck you David Frum.

Brother can’t catch a break no matter whether he goes barefoot or wears loose shoes.

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One Response to Barefoot in the White House

  1. missdisplaced says:

    Why can’t anyone say that they are enjoying a family night movie with their daughters. Hey, at least they hang out together as a family, barefoot or not.

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