Not sure about the origin of this laughical image, but I first saw it here. Nothing I ever drew in a high school textbook was remotely this funny. Once I wrote “Motz* is a dick” in the margin of my theology textbook, got caught (because I made the mistake of holding up my witticism for my neighbors to see), and then had to stay after and write “Motz is a dick” 100 times.

* my freshman theology teacher, and a dick.
UPDATE: Props to Metallica for charging only $6 for tix for its 30th anniversary tour.

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4 Responses to Neandertallica

  1. father motz says:

    Dear Mr Kamper,

    While I may be a “dick,” your knowledge of theology, and sense of humor, remain at the freshman level.

    Father Motz

  2. kamper says:

    Looks like it’s ten Hail Mary’s for me.

  3. father motz says:

    That, and eternal damnation, my son.


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