The Netflix Rate Increase

Over at Claire Zulkey’s blog, guest blogger Steve Delahoyde has a thing or two to say about the Netflix price increase.

First and foremost, shut up and stop whining, because here’s the thing: you are complaining about dumbest thing imaginable, you dumb dummy. Netflix is a luxury item. Do you need it? Unless you are some bizarre obsessive or are somehow glued to your couch (talking physically-bound here), then no, you absolutely don’t. It is a thing you likely didn’t even have five years ago and lived without just fine. Then, of course, you opted into it because it was so inexpensive and convenient. And what did you do after you ordered it? You let the discs sit there for months unwatched and maybe occasionally streamed episodes of TV shows that you’d already seen FOR FREE on FREE NETWORK TELEVISION. You could have watched every single film they’ve had available in the years you’ve subscribed, but you didn’t. You didn’t even come close. And now you’re upset that this thing that was always an utterly pointless luxury item that you were always, ALWAYS losing money on each and every month because you never used it now costs a bit more?! You ignorant fools, you know why you’re so upset? Because it’s made you face up to this failing of yours as a person.

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One Response to The Netflix Rate Increase

  1. An intelligent rant is a wonderful thing.

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