TIna Fey on Between Two Ferns

I don’t watch Between Two Ferns anymore because the whole enterprise just depresses me, from the celebrities who try to gamely play along while they’re insulted and assaulted to the tiresome idiot man-child shtick of Zach Galifianakis. Which is why I never saw the episode with Tina Fey.

What a thing of wonder. After playing rope-a-dope with Zach for about four minutes, Tina lays him out on the canvas with a devastating critique, summing up his entire career in about 20 seconds. And all he has to come back with is the same tired faux-ironic bullshit. Brilliant.

Update: One of the few recent episodes of BTFs that I did catch was the one with Justin Bieber, if only because half a dozen people posted it at various places. Which I guess this episode is supposed to be funny because Galifiankis insults Bieber’s music and then starts beating him with a belt, which weren’t we all on a kick not too long ago that beating men because they’re perhaps effeminate or otherwise less-than-manly is something that should be frowned upon? Oh, but I’m sure all the mouth breathers who shared this on Facebook fully appreciated the deep levels of irony associated with whomping on someone because they’re different.

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One Response to TIna Fey on Between Two Ferns

  1. Agent 54 says:

    Yeah, uh, well, if you see one of these, you’ve seen them all.

    I write funny stuff. http://agent54nsa.blogspot.com/

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