Producers of ‘Atlas Shrugged III’ beg for handouts like a couple of non-producing leaches

Death and Taxes brings word of this year’s most ironic Kickstarter campaign.

In order to get the third movie made, the producers of the “Atlas Shrugged” franchise have demonstrated an astounding level of cognitive dissonance by starting a Kickstarter to raise 250,000 dollars and to allegedly use as a marketing tool.

In addition to the many perks of donating, i.e. visiting the set as a VIP, having your name added to the “special thanks” section or receiving your own “Atlas Shrugged” t-shirt, donors can also join such illustrious company with backers like Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Penn Jillette. This is a great opportunity for anyone who has ever wanted to form a Voltron comprised entirely of blowhards.

Of course, backers should feel free to get creative and donate pairs of bootstraps from which the producers can pull themselves up, in lieu of cash.

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