Honest Trailers: World War Z

Spot on.

WWZ was not (as expected) a terrible movie, but what a waste of brilliant source material. I understand that the complexity of the book could never be put on-screen, but why not feature three interlocking stories from three different points of view, told pre-outbreak, mid-outbreak, and post-outbreak? Three divergent characters from different walks of life (one of which could certainly be Brad Pitt’s UN character) who come together in the climax and help each other survive. What bothered me most about the film version of WWZ is that it once again defaulted to the standard action movie trope that humankind must be saved through the superhuman efforts of a single man, whereas the book was very clear that survival only could arise through hard, grinding effort and collective, communal action. This one was a major missed opportunity. And for those who think that the problem was the endless rewrites, the original ending was no better than what showed in theaters.

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