A woman on Reddit asks for advice after realizing that her boyfriend doesn’t know that he’s circumcised.

I’ve been seeing this really nice guy for a while and we are very open about everything. We were lying in bed a few days back and I noticed that he was circumcised. I’m always curious as to why people get snipped over here, when it’s not a religious thing, so I asked him why his parents chose to have it done. He looked surprised and said that he hadn’t been circumcised. I disagreed with him initially, without thinking, but then I saw the look on his face – sort of confused and shocked – so I stopped. I laughed it off and muttered something about being mistaken and him always having a hard on and didn’t mention it again.

This is not surprising to me at all, and I’d bet there are lots of men walking around who’ve never actually thought about it all that much. To them, it’s just their junk, and that’s how it has always looked. I myself didn’t realize I was circumcised until I was 12 or 13. Funny story, actually. A kid in gym class teased the boy pissing at the next urinal for his “funny-looking” penis. Turns out that the teaser was not circumcised but that every other boy in the class was (yes, we all showed, some less willingly than others). So the teaser became the teased, and he actually came in the next day and (having consulted his mother) told us all why his dick looked different than ours. Which is when I sort of went . . . wait a minute . . . they cut something off the end? And I looked closer and sure enough there was a scar. I’d seen it before, just never realized it was a scar.


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2 Responses to Snip

  1. That poor locker-room kid.

    First penis I ever saw in person was uncircumcised. I actually knew enough to know that’s what I was looking at. (My mom was awesome at sex ed.) Some people think this means I must have been scarred for life, but it’s not so. I just thought later that circumcised penises looked somewhat…unprotected.

  2. FT says:

    I didn’t know I was I did not know I was circumcised until I was 17. My Dad casually mentioned it on a conversation one day.

    I hadn’t seen many penises in my life at that point. I’d heard about circumcision, it was even mentioned in my sex ed classes (without pictures) but I always assumed that the glans was the foreskin and since I wasn’t Jewish I had every reason to believe what I had was natural.

    I looked up circumcision online and saw for the first time what an uncut penis looked like and I was furious that I’d been kept in the dark for so long. Especially since every site I found seemed to be an anti-circ site and only told the downsides of circumcision. I couldn’t find anything explaining why it was done until a few years later.

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