Here’s the setlist for Wilco’s all request set of cover songs

Wilco’s first night at the Solid Sound festival was an all-request set of cover songs. Hosted by John Hodgeman. This was one of the funnest shows I’ve ever seen. UPDATED with links to Wilco’s versions as they become available. Update 2: Here is the download for the whole show, though the download limit was exceeded every time I have tried.

Here is the full set list
1. The Boys are Back in Town – Thin Lizzy
2. Cut Your Hair – Pavement – Here is Wilco’s version
3. In the Street – Big Star (or, as the guy next to me said, “It’s the theme song to That 70s Show!”) – Here is Wilco’s version
4. New Madrid – Uncle Tupelo
5. Dead Flowers – Rolling Stones – Here is Wilco’s version
6. Simple Twist of Fate – Bob Dylan – Here is Wilco’s version
7. Ripple – Grateful Dead – Here is Wilco’s version
8. Who Loves the Sun? – Velvet Underground – Wilco’s version
9. And Your Bird Can Sing – Beatles (they did this twice in a row because Jeff didn’t think they nailed it the first time) – Here is Wilco’s take #2
10. Psychotic Reaction – Count Five (and the Cramps) – Here is a snippet of Wilco’s version
11. Tom Courtenay – Yo La Tengo (with Yo La Tengo)
12. James Alley Blues – Richard Rabbit Brown
13. Waterloo Sunset – Kinks (with Lucius) – Here is Wilco’s version
14. Waterloo – ABBA (with Lucius) – Here is a snippet of Wilco’s version
15. What’s So Funny about Peace, Love and Understanding – Nick Lowe – Here is Wilco’s version
16. Marquee Moon – Television (Nels Cline was in heaven on this one, and they did a very faithful rendition, all eleven minutes of it) – Here is Wilco’s version
17. Happy Birthday to You – for Pat Sansone
18. Don’t Fear the Reaper – Blue Oyster Cult (with more cowbell) – Here is Wilco’s version
19. Cinnamon Girl – Neil Young – Here is Wilco’s version
STUMP THE BAND SEGMENT – audience members came up and named random songs, and if the band couldn’t play it then the requester had to sing it
20. Atonement – Lucinda Williams – band didn’t know it
21. Dreams – Cranberries – band didn’t know it and tried to play Linger
22. Get Lucky – Daft Punk – band did a killer version
23. Surrender – Cheap Trick – Here is Wilco’s version
24. Color Me Impressed – Replacements (with Tommy Stinson) – Here is Wilco’s version
25. Kingpin – Wilco (requested by John Hodgeman)
26. Thank You Friends – Big Star – Here is Wilco’s version
27. The Weight – The Band
28. Roadrunner – Jonathan Richman (my request!) – Here is Wilco’s version

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6 Responses to Here’s the setlist for Wilco’s all request set of cover songs

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh. So. Fun!

  2. pt dismal says:

    w.o.w. that must’ve been a good time, kamper. thanks for letting the rest of us know what we missed.

    i was listening to revolver last night making dinner and thought that “and your bird can sing” would be an awesome song to cover. i hope jeff or nils was playing a rickenbacher 12 string for that one.

    me and the missus have these songs in our repertoire: new madrid, dead flowers, and the weight. we’ll start working on marquee moon–hah!


  3. pt dismal says:

    that sounds about right–sweet!

  4. pt dismal says:

    since wilco fans had the great taste to request at least two big star tunes and the band had the wisdom and great taste to select them, i thought i’d let you know that i just heard an interview with jody stephens (big star’s drummer) promoting a new documentary on bs “no one can hurt me.”

    he said that robyn hitchcock’s comment in the film was the best characterization of the sad lack of recognition of this band’s greatness in its day: it was like a letter mailed in 1973 that didn’t arrive until 1983 (paraphrasing).


    • kamper says:

      Ha ha – that’s right! It sounds like David Simon’s comment on the posthumous popularity of The Wire, which was basically, where were you assholes when I needed you?!

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