Solid Sound or bust

The entire kamper clan is donning our hemp garments, hopping in the microbus, and heading up to Mass Moca in lovely North Adams, MA for Wilco’s Solid Sound festival, an entire weekend of groovy vibes, mellow sounds, and righteous art. I’d encourage y’all to join us, but that shit is SOLD OUT. Tonight, Wilco does an all request set of cover songs.

I’ll tell Uncle Jeff y’all said hello.

Many swinging acts from the rock and roll world are on the bill, but looking forward to a few in particular:

And of course:

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4 Responses to Solid Sound or bust

  1. pt dismal says:

    have a good time, kamper klan (sorry, but if yer gonna spell kamper with a k. . .), and happy solstice!

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  3. pt dismal says:

    yeah, you’ll have to move out of happy valley when that happens. i hear alabama is nice.


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