Ministry has turned into Spinal Tap

Is there anything in this leather-clad world that could possibly kick more rock and roll ass than the cover of the new Ministry album? Only one thing, and that’s the album title: From Beer to Eternity.

ministry from beer to eternity official

This looks like what you would get if you asked five bros on a guys weekend in Vegas to do your concept art.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise from a band that called one previous album Dark Side of the Spoon and another Psalm 69, but then I still remember when you guys were a synthpop band. If nothing else, it could serve as the inspiration for next season’s Deadliest Catch: “Join Captain Tony Lara and the intrepid crew of the Cornelia Marie as they trawl the ice-cold waters of the Bering Sea for their deadliest catch yet: anorexic supermodels.”

[Obligatory link]

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