Saw the ‘Evil Dead’ remake last night

Yeah, yeah, I don’t want to hear it. And actually I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected, especially considering that Joss Whedon utterly demolished this entire genre with Cabin in the Woods (and that Raimi himself did a good job dismantling this movie with Evil Dead 2). The new Evil Dead is easily the goriest movie I have ever seen. Outlaw Vern nails it with this quote, which should go on the posters instead of that stupid “this is the most terrifying movie you will ever experience” bullshit:

It really goes out of its way to show you something disgusting and then show you something way worse and then something way worse than that. And when you think you know how disgusting it is it will surprise you with a little twist (spoiler: like when the girl saws her own arm off with an electric kitchen knife and then it’s just hanging there by a tiny thread before it drops).

This is the first feature by Fede Alvarez, whom Sam Raimi himself picked to direct. Alvarez’s only previous credits are a few shorts, including the one below, which to my eyes has no real story, curious acting, and rudimentary effects, though it does manage to squeeze in an awkward nod to the Odessa Steps sequence, which is always nice. So I guess I’d say congratulations to Sam Raimi for spotting a diamond in the rough. Perhaps Mr. Alvarez will be our next Neill Blomkamp.

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1 Response to Saw the ‘Evil Dead’ remake last night

  1. When I found out there was a new one, I thought “I don’t care very much about this, but a lot of people are going to care a very lot. Hallo shitstorm.”

    I don’t know that a shitstorm ever came to pass, but I still have the reaction of a shrug. Gore for the sake of gore only appeals to me if it’s fun, so I wasn’t that interested in this one, as scary seemed to be the point.

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