Six signs that that’s not really Don DeLillo on Twitter

This morning, news broke that acclaimed novelist Don DeLillo had joined the Twitterverse. But it took only hours before the author’s agent dashed the hopes of the literati by stating that the account was a fraud (it has since been deleted). But we knew right away that that was not the real Don DeLillo. How, you ask?

Six signs that that’s not really Don DeLillo’s Twitter

1. Didn’t see any mention of this on his MySpace page.

2. DeLillo has never said anything in 140 characters or less.

3. The account was already five hours old and the New York Review of Books hadn’t yet declared it a work of towering, albeit brief, genius.

4. Three tweets and he hasn’t mentioned Lee Harvey Oswald?! Not DeLillo.

5. If it really was DeLillo’s Twitter, all hashtags would be self-referential.

6. If DeLillo was on Twitter, Pynchon would have already tweeted something snarky about it.

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