Right wing comedian pwns Nobama to peels of canned laughter

Meet Ben Crystal of the Personal Liberty Digest:

Every episode is exactly like that. Don’t believe me?

This expands the ranks of smarmy, right-wing, faux-news comedy web shows with awkward laugh tracks to exactly two, the other being Newsbusted, which has been posting new episodes twice per week since the Mesozoic.

Here’s their latest:

That’s host Jodi Miller twisting and turning in a fashion that I believe is supposed to be alluring to menfolk but just makes me suspect she has some sort of neurological disorder. By my count, they are up to something like episode 650 of this show (they stopped numbering them in 2008 at 154) and every single one follows the tried-and-true format of an Obama “zinger” followed by canned laughter and scattered applause. Repeat, mug, repeat, mug, twice per week for six years. I’m exhausted just typing that.

The show is funded by Brent Bozell’s Media Research Center, a media “watchdog” group funded by right wing foundations, so I don’t think they’re going to be stopping anytime soon.

So, Ben, it looks like you’ve got some catching up to do! Those Benghazi jokes aint gonna write themselves (though actually they sort of do).

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