J. Mascis from Dinosaur Jr. on WTF

A friend sent this link to an episode of Marc Moran’s WTF podcast featuring J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr.

J lives in Amherst, MA and talks about the town during the interview.

Here is one such exchange, which occurs at 22:00 or thereabouts:

Marc Moran: What kind of recorder were you using for the first couple [of albums]? Four track?
J. Mascis: No, we went to this hippie who did sound. He had an eight track one inch in his house and we recorded there.
MM: Just some weird old hippie.
JM: Yeah, he hated us. Most of the engineers hated us. And sound men especially.
MM: Well, how much can a local engineer in Amherst really hate anyone? Aren’t they just happy you’re there, using his equipment for money?
JM: Oh no, Amherst is a very hateful, jaded kind of place.
MM: Really?
JM: Yeah, no one is happy if you succeed or anything. It’s very bitter and twisted, kind of.

Later in the interview (at about 40:00), he tells the story of how Aimee Mann was working at Newbury Comics and she came to J’s defense because some punks were making fun of his Motörhead t-shirt (this, J. explains, being before punks realized they were supposed to like Motörhead), which adds yet another feather to Aimee Mann’s already feather-laden cap.

Funniest part of the interview? When J explains that, compared to Lou Barlow, J was the extrovert in Dino Jr.

Here is Dinosaur Jr. chatting with Henry Rollins and playing some songs off Bug.

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