The Voodoo Economics That You Do So Well

Charles Pierce gets it exactly right on supply side economics:

The ur-lunacy of the modern Republican party is represented by the crazy bass-ackwards theories of economics which they have come to adopt as an unshakable faith. Bear in mind — supply-side theory, which was blessed at birth by Saint Ronnie Himself, is no less nutty and distant from reality than is Paul Broun’s view on how the earth was made and whence come the snowflake Jesus babies. It’s the original anti-science position that made all the others possible. It’s the gate through which all the more baroque ideas were delivered. It’s how a scenario actually can be constructed whereby Paul Ryan is the liberal alternative. And it is the one part of the Reagan legacy that the party can never give up.

Paul Broun, in case you’ve forgotten or blessedly have deadened enough braincells to induce amnesia, is the Georgia congressman and actual medical doctor who thinks that evolution and embryology are lies straight from the pits of hell.

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